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Lindsay Air Chasing Graver Ordering Information
Hand Engraving Impact Tool for Jewelers, Engravers and Artists

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Air Chasing Gravers are not mass produced but are individually made with the personal attention to quality, materials and fit that Steve Lindsay gives to all the tools he makes for his own engraving work.  Please read  the Air Graver Quality Commitment.  The tool features stainless construction with a fine finished walnut handle, large and small hardened pistons, adjustable length and speed of impact, adjustable idle, and customizable 3-position tubing attachment.  The tool is designed for superior impact control.  The butt inset is a Steve Lindsay banknote style engraving that may be studied for learning purposes.

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Air Chasing Graver set includes: handpiece, large and small handpiece pistons, required hoses, needle valve, foot control valve, wrenches, three high speed steel graver blanks, one carbide graver blank, pressure regulator and owner's manual.

Price: $798.00 plus $16.00 insured mail shipping.  Guaranteed Satisfaction, return within 15 days for full refund. 

The Air Chasing Graver requires an air compressor supplied by the user or see the air compressor options below.

Air Graver Warranty: Full three-years on the handpiece and one year warranty on foot valve, needle valve and pressure regulator.

Note: The Air Chasing Graver is temporarily out of stock. If you would like to order, please e-mail airgraver@lindsayengraving.com and you will be contacted when more become available. Thank you.    (As the tools become available people requesting purchase are contacted in the order their emails were received.)

Air line and hookup kit.
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The Air Chasing Graver comes with all necessary hoses and connectors on the Air Chasing Graver side of the regulator.  Users are required to supply their own air line and connectors from their air compressor to the regulator.  The threaded hole for connecting an air compressor in the Air Chasing Graver's regulator is a female 1/8" NPT (pipe thread).   The connector you should have at the end of your air compressor line to attach  the Air Graver regulator is a 1/8" male NPT (pipe thread).  This kit of tubing and connectors may be used from your compressor to the Air Graver regulator.  The kit includes:

One male 1/4" NPT to a 1/4" compression tube connector. (Used to screw into air compressor)

One male 1/8" NPT to a 1/4" compression tube connector. (Used to screw into air regulator)

One TEE connector consisting of a male 1/8" NPT to two 1/4" compression tube connectors. (Used instead of the above connector in the air regulator.  One of the compression tubing connectors may be attached to the air compressor and the other may be used to deliver air to another air tool, i.e. an air turbine dentist drill.)

15 feet of 1/4" OD high pressure nylon tubing.

Air line and hookup kit.
Price $13.80 plus $3.20 shipping

SILENTAIRE Sil-Air Air Compressor d2000.jpg (24171 bytes)

The SILENTAIRE SUPER SILENT COMPRESSOR is virtually soundless and is totally automatic. The unit includes a tank pressure gauge, line pressure gauge, line pressure regulator, moisture trap/filter, safety-valve, air-intake filter and a handle for balanced carrying.

A quiet/silent air compressor.  This compressor produces noise of only 40dB or less so it may be used where noise is not desirable. It is silent because it uses the same type of air compressor as your refrigerator.  This compressor works nicely with the Air Chasing Graver or even an air turbine dentist drill.  It easily fits underneath work areas and has an output pressure regulator with gauge. Strong, sturdy tubing handle for easy portability.  Maximum pressure of 114 P.S.I. The compressor offers 1.08 C.F.M. and has automatic on/off switch. 115V/60HZ. 

"Sil-Air" Air Compressor
1.08 CFM free air / 84-114 PSI operating pressure
1 Gal. Tank
Voltage - 110V / Size 12'' x 15'' x 15''

Shipping Weight: 45 lbs.

Price: $799.00   plus $21 shipping

The above Sil-Air compressor is nice for the lack of noise level, although if the noise level is not a concern, about any air compressor with a tank will work nicely with the Air Chasing Graver.   Because the Air Chasing Graver requires such low CFM a smaller compressor can keep up fine supplying air to the tool.  Wal-Mart and Harbor Freight both carry a $99 compressor that will work with the Air Chasing Graver.  More information about this $99 compressor.

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