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Hand Engraving, gravers, watches, tools for jewelry


Artist's Statement

The hand engraving artistic vision I strive for is very similar to the feelings created for a listener when hearing classical music. In classical music there is main vein or flow, but many developments are added as the music progresses making the sound more interesting and beautiful. I work to engrave flowing scroll through space in this manner, including a main flow along with interesting motifs and tangents. I believe everyone searches for beauty. With my engraving I try to suggest beauty for others to discover. 

 I enjoy the mechanical and technical aspects of hand engraving, from building engraving tools to the feel of a graver effortlessly moving in my hand through the metal, creating a clean cut.  Producing something that is visually pleasing and even musical in its finished essence, gives a great deal of satisfaction. Knife making and metal working for me is a continuation of the mechanical aspect of creating the work to complete the vision.

Steve J. Lindsay

          Copyright 2010 Steve J. Lindsay, All rights reserved.