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Abrasha.com  is a creative metal jewelry artist with beautiful non-traditional concepts.  This site is all class. 

Allan Heywood  Amazing enamel artist with gold and silver jewelry as well as restores enamel objects.   Enameling is the process of firing glass onto metal.  Be sure to visit this enameling site to see enameling at its best.   Allan also publishes an on-line newsletter called eNAMEL.  Subscribe or view the newsletters at this link.

Antonio Montejano  is located in the city of Albacete, a cutlery manufacturing center in Spain, where he is a fireman and an etcher/engraver, both occupations following family tradition.

Society of American Silversmiths Resources and discussion groups for silversmiths

Hoover & Strong Supplier of precious metal sheet, wire, solders, etc.

Guy Lautard's web site.   Author of informational metal working books.  If you enjoy metal working you will love his Machinist Bedside Reader series of books.  Along with books the site also has plans, videos for machinists, gunsmiths, metalworkers and clockmakers.

The Metal Arts Guild is a forum committed to the exchange of ideas and information, encouraging appreciation of the metal arts.

Henry Jordan - A Bench Jeweler with fun and alive web pages.  Look over his shoulder while he works through his Jeweler WebCam mounted at his bench.  JEWELER WebCam    Henry Jordan THE JEWELER    BENCH JEWELERS webpage
 DO NOT push "Henry's button" on his home page:

Bonny Doon Engineering - If you want to make the same part over and over again, one of the technologies you will need is die stamping. Bonny Doon Engineering is the premier site for small scale die stamping of any sort. Although aimed mainly at jewelers, the multitude of information available covers most many types of die stamping including hydraulic forming.  Bonny Doon describes the techniques and has the tools of the trade for sale. 

The Internet Craftsmanship Museum An on-line museum honoring craftsmen in many areas of endeavor.


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